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In the Reports utility you will find a list of full service reports that have been built by the Watermark team. These full-service reports include sample reports that come with Faculty Success, accreditation reports built for accrediting bodies, as well as custom reports that you have had built through a report setup work request. Below you will find a list of all sample and base reports available. 

Sample Reports (Faculty Accomplishments)

The following sample reports are available to Faculty Accomplishments clients immediately:

  • Academic Degrees Earned
  • Awards and Honors
  • Annual Report
  • Birthday Report by Month
  • Contracts, Grants and Sponsored Research by Faculty
  • Creative Works by Faculty
  • Editorial and Review Activities by Faculty
  • Faculty/Staff Directory
  • General Service by Faculty
  • Publications by Faculty
  • Publications Summary
  • Presentations by Faculty
  • Scheduled Teaching by Faculty
  • Vita

These reports are intended to be examples of the types of reports that can be built from Faculty Success. If you would like us to build an entirely new report, submit a Report Setup work request with a mock-up and instructions. For more information on Report Setup work requests, see Submitting Report Setup Work Requests.

Accreditation Reports

In addition to the sample reports, Faculty Success can add pre-constructed reports for common accrediting bodies. The following are currently available:

* Only HLC and SACS are available to Base Tier Faculty Success clients

To request that we put a set of base reports in place, submit a Report Setup work request inquiring about the availability of the report you need. You can request that we build new custom reports to meet accreditation and other reporting needs at any time. 

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