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Faculty Success offers a suite of reports to populate the most recent (2020) versions of AACSB Tables 8-1, 3-1 and 3-2. Each table employs complex logic, pulling in data from pre-defined, required fields to determine which users and records are counted.

We recommend that you audit the data in these required fields, ensuring you create the most accurate tables for your school and accreditors. In the past, you would have done this following a manual process. We’ve simplified the process with a new report that streamlines auditing and data clean-up.

Report Details

The AACSB Required Fields Audit report provides an individual summary for each faculty member. First, the report flags the following three scenarios for each individual:

  1. This user would be included/excluded in an AACSB report with this date range.
  2. This user has no degree records marked as the highest earned. Ensure a record is marked as such.
  3. This user has multiple degree records marked as the highest earned. Ensure just one record is marked as such.

Next, a table breaks into rows the screens that are included in the AACSB tables and sums the count of records that individual owns within each row. If any record is missing data in a required field, it is listed with the missing required field highlighted in red. 

Other Considerations

While this report helps you to retroactively audit data that have been entered, you could also consider setting the fields required in the tables to be required in the data entry interface. A field that’s required in the data entry interface must be entered before users are allowed to save or edit a record. With these fields set as required, less clean-up will be needed going forward. This audit report could then be relied on as a final check.

Before you set fields to required in the data entry interface, consider what information your faculty do and don’t know and at what times it’s known when data is being entered.

If you are a stand-alone business instrument, we strongly recommend making the fields that faculty are able to answer required. If you are part of a university-wide instrument, we recommend that you work with your University Administrator and Success Consultant to determine which fields can be made required and how it will affect the rest of the university.

You can find a comprehensive list of required fields for the AACSB tables in the AACSB Required Fields Audit report template, and also in this article: AACSB: Required Fields by Table.

Request this Report

If you would like to implement the AACSB Required Fields Audit report, simply submit a “Report Setup” work request asking for this base report.

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