Notice of Upcoming Tk20 Product Release

Tk20 by Watermark Product Release Update

We want to make you aware of an upcoming upgrade that may require you to
take action.

In our next release, we are making an update to our architecture as a part of our commitment to ensuring the best performance of our software. This upgrade will also make future upgrades faster and require less downtime. Please note that this update is mandatory as the current hosting platform is being decommissioned, therefore, our goal is to migrate all of our customers to a new platform while minimizing disruption to services to the greatest extent possible.

We will reach out to you soon to inform you of the specific date and time for your institution. We will ensure that you receive at least one-week advance notice before any scheduled downtime so that you can plan accordingly for the system to be offline for approximately 12 hours in the late evening. We will also include any specific instructions for your institution.

We anticipate that you will need to make firewall changes, typically handled by a network administrator or security team. Institutions utilizing Shibboleth or LDAP for Single Sign-On, will also be required to make some adjustments.

Thank you for your assistance in preparing for this important infrastructure upgrade. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out to Support by clicking Submit A Request 

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