Tk20 2022.12 Release Notes (V9.2.11)

As part of the December 2022 release, you will see the below-mentioned improvements:


Reviewers will now be able to see a Submission Date column for a submitted time-log so that they can see the specific date and time the student submitted the time-log

Production Defects Fixed in 9.2.11

1. Fixed the issue where a user was able to save the form with an invalid date format and on correcting the format, received an error regarding the invalid format.

2. Fixed an issue where some users were unable to navigate to the next page using pagination under Coursework.

3. Fixed an issue where coursework that had been removed from the schedule was still displayed under reports.

Technology Upgrades

1. Upgraded version of Jquery

2. Upgraded versions of Tomcat and Wild-fly

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