Filters Administration


Filters Administration allows the SS&E administrators to view all shared filters on one screen in order to check the individual filter criteria, manage duplicates, change owners etc.

Filters Administration displays a list of all shared filters, including:

  • The Total Number of Shared Filters that are currently active
  • The Filter Name
  • The Filter Owner
  • The Created Date
  • The Number of Users each filter is currently shared with

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Filter Detail View

On each filter detail view, there are four sections and an action item that allows SS&E administrators to change the filter owner. The filter detail sections are:

  • Filter info
  • Filter criteria
  • A list of people the filter is shared with
  • The filter results

Filter Info

The Info tab includes the following information:

  • The filter name

  • The filter owner

  • The filter icon

  • The person type associated with the filter

Filter Criteria

  • All the filter criteria that appear in the Edit Filter selections

Shared With

  • The number of users the filter is shared with
  • A list of individual users and roles the filter is shared with
  • Each shared user's identifiers - user Id, name, and email address

Filter Results

  • The number of people included in the filter results
  • A list of people currently included in the filter results (targeted subpopulation)

Change Owner

Click on Change Owner from the secondary nav bar to select a different filter owner.


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