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SS&E supports the ability to dynamically link to external systems based on a student's ID.

  • For example, your institution may store documents about students in a centralized document management system and your staff needs a quick way to access these documents from SS&E.

Utilizing External Links will allow staff members to access an external source from within a student profile, passing in the Student ID from the student record in SS&E

Adding External Links Video: 


Adding an External Link

To add a new External Link, follow these steps:

  1. As an SS&E Administrator, go to Administration External Links found here.
  2. Click the New button.
  3. Enter the Name of the External Link and the Link/URL that will be generated.
        • The Name is the visible name that appears on the "Links" section of the student profile in SS&E.
        • When entering the Link/URL, ${institutionPersonId} can be used as a placeholder for the student id passed in from SS&E. When clicking on the link from a student profile, the student Id will be replaced in order to access a user-specific URL in the external system.
  4. Click on Save.

Note: There is no limit to the number of External Links allowed in SS&E.

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  1. Once External Links are created in SS&E, set permissions to define which staff account users/roles are allowed to view Links from a student profile.
  2. Set "role" permissions on all user roles that require access to any of the external links.
        • Permissions can only be set at the "Links" level, and not by the individual "link" item.
        • For each role, grant permission allowing all users assigned the role to "View External Links".
  3. For detailed information about setting up security by user role, click here.
  4. To verify/test the External Links Configuration and Security setup:
      1. Log in using a permitted user role.
      2. Navigate to SS&E Home - Students, then search for a student.
      3. On the student profile tab, verify the Links display.
      4. Test the external links.
  5. If you do not see External Links on the student profile, make sure the user account/role was granted permissions to view External Links.


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