D2L LTI 1.3 Assignment Integration

The following instructions will allow you to insert an Assignmentpk integration in your D2L course that takes students and faculty to their Assignmentpk in TK20:

  1. Log into your D2L Portal using your faculty account.
  2. Select Course from Select a course icon.

  1. Click Content from the top menu bar.


  1. Click on Existing Activites, then search and click on External Learning Tools.
  2. New window of Add Activity will be opened up, now scroll down to last and hit on Manage External Learning Tools link.

  1. Click New Link button under LTI Advantage.
  2. Select the valid Deployment(temp- Tk20 demo deployment 1 D2L), enter valid Name and URL<server URL to be used for LTI integrations >


  1. Log into the Tk20 application, Click Report side menu and search for report LTI 001: Comprehensive Report on Courses and Coursework.

  1. Enter the required information for provided parameters (temp: Term(tomcat term), Course(Tk20D2L13C)) and hit Generate button.

  2.  Copy Coursework Launch URL to URL field in D2L. Then copy Coursework Custom Parameter to  Custom Parameters in D2L.
  1. Click Save and Close button.
  2. Click on Existing Activities and click on External Learning Tools.


  1. Search for the newly created assignmentpk placement link and click the link, Assignmentpk link will be created.
  2. Click  Assignmentpk placement link in General, it will open up new assignment on another page.

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