Data Feed Guide: Roles

Assigning Roles:

To start, leave role blank for all staff/faculty, only fill role for students. After the project team configures roles, work together to add staff/faculty/advisors/etc. 

  • Once a role has been set through the SIS import process, it will not be removed if the role is no longer present in the import for a user. It must be removed using the user interface.
  • Once a role is removed using the user interface it cannot be re-added using an import. It must be re-added manually.

    Because of these constraints and because of additional rules of what roles and permissions users such as Advisors must have in order to properly manage their students and prospects, we recommend only providing a role for Students in the initial person feed.

    After system administrators have been trained on how to create and correctly permission roles, they will be prompted to provide their campus data lead with the Role IDs needed to update the Person feed for all other users.
    Because Roles is one of the most important areas of data fidelity that must come from decisions made in your SSE system by the system administrator, we highly suggest scheduling an internal call between your SSE admin and your SIS data leads to discuss Role decisions in the week following the Roles training session.

    Let’s go into the Person feed section of the data import guidelines and look at the requirements for assigning a role to a user.   Reminder that roles are ADDITIVE. 

    For more information about Roles please see the Roles and Permissions - Detailed Overview
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