Course Evaluations & Surveys Release Notes for November 9, 2023

New Feature: Jump to Top of Page

When pages have a long scroll bar, users will now see a Top of Page button to quickly return back to the top.  Note: This button text only appears in English currently. We will support other languages for this button in a future release.


New Feature: Survey Edit Warning Message

For Surveys that are aligned to a project, users will be provided a dialog which specifically states that editing the survey will impact past, present, and future reporting. The user can either choose to override the survey or make a copy and edit that instead.



New Feature: Ability for Custom Question Admins and Instructors to Create Custom Question Survey from My Existing Surveys

Custom Question Admins and Instructors can now copy questions over from their previous custom question surveys rather than having to recreate the same question in multiple surveys.


To add a question in their custom question survey, users will now be provided with a new option: “From My Surveys.”


Selecting "From My Surveys" to add question will bring user to a screen, where they can choose to either select All Surveys (default selected) or choose a specific survey from the search filter and view questions for that particular survey. They can then select the question(s) they wish to copy.  Note: Only custom question surveys created by the user will be displayed in the My Surveys drop-down.  Surveys created by others will not show in this view.



New Feature: Delete Course and User Metadata in Bulk for a Course or User

For institutions that are adding optional course or user metadata, a CES Administrator or Project Admin can now delete Course and User Metadata for a Course or User in bulk rather than one by one.


A CES Administrator or Project Admin can edit the course or user, expand the Optional Metadata section, select the desired metadata they wish to delete and select Delete Optional Metadata.

Course Metadata:


User Metadata:


New Feature: New Immersive Experience for Edit and Copy Custom Question Survey

Custom Question Admins and Instructors will have a new immersive experience to edit and copy custom question surveys wherein they will be provided with clearer instructions.  Additionally, the survey names will now be non-clickable. User will have to click on the edit icon to edit the surveys.


Change: Student Access Dates on the Custom Questions Widget Are Being Removed

We received feedback mostly from institutions with projects using course level dates, that the student access dates on the widget were causing confusion. We heard this feedback and have removed this part of the widget until we can add more useful information about student access for the project.


Accessibility Remediations

WCAG 2.5.3 A-4: Ensured radio buttons and checkboxes are properly exposed to screen readers throughout the site for all users.
WCAG 2.4.3 A-1: Ensured that focus retains within dialog boxes throughout the site for all users.
WCAG 1.3.1 A-1: Ensured headings are marked with appropriate levels on the Student Dashboard.
WCAG 1.1.1 A-1: Provided text alternative for screen readers for the graph data for Daily Responses widget on the instructor and admin dashboards.

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