Sharing an ePortfolio

The Share tab
By default, only you can view your portfolio. The Share tab allows you to choose whether your ePortfolio will be visible to others. To make your ePortfolio viewable by others, click the checkbox next to Public

To share your ePortfolio with someone directly, give them the provided Share URL. You can also use the icons at the bottom to share your ePortfolio to your Facebook timeline, Twitter account, LinkedIn feed, or through a Gmail message.


rtaImage (10).jpg


Submitting an ePortfolio to an activity

If you are required to submit your ePortfolio to an activity in a course, your instructor or administrator may insert an "ePortfolio Reference" component in your activity template:

Screenshot 2023-10-06 143728.jpg


After clicking the "SELECT EPORTFOLIO" button you will be able to select any ePortfolio(s) that you have created in your account. 


NOTE: If there is a text area in your activity, but not an "ePortfolio Reference," you may follow the steps above to make your ePortfolio "public" and then paste the Share URL into the text box in your activity


NOTE: If you make changes to your ePortfolio after it has been submitted to an activity, your instructor will not see the changes. In order for them to see the changes you would need to remove the attached ePortfolio in the activity and then re-attach it.


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