Inquiry Form Filters and Reporting Administration

Inquiry Form Filters and Reporting

Student Information Filters

When enabled in Person Type Administration "Search Filters" options, users can select inquiry form related filter options in order to target different subpopulations by using the Filter bulk action menu.

The current form values that can optionally be used in the SS&E Student Information Filters are:

  • Student Information -> Intended Start Terms Include/Exclude
  • Student Information -> Program Interest Include/Exclude
  • Student Information -> Department Interest Include/Exclude

Student Information filters return results when matching data is found on the Profile tab, and do not search for matching data on the Forms tab.

  • If Person Type "Profile Features" settings are not enabled to display this data on the profile tab, any matching person records will still be included in the filter results if the data could appear on the profile tab if Profile Features person type settings were enabled, eg. set to Yes.

2023-09-08 16_49_28-C__Users_skelmann_Desktop_2023-09-08 16_36_10-Photos.png - Greenshot image edito.png

2023-09-05 11_22_50-C__Users_skelmann_Desktop_2023-09-05 09_56_04-Settings.png - Greenshot image edi.png

Submitted Form Filters

Filters can target form submission data by using search filters that are enabled in Person Type Administration "Search Filters", in the Form Group filter options.

  • Depending on the selected filter criteria, results may apply to all forms or only to a specific inquiry form(s).

2023-09-05 11_28_15-C__Users_skelmann_Desktop_2023-09-05 09_56_04-Settings.png - Greenshot image edi.png

2023-09-05 11_12_29-Settings.png

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