Updating Email Addresses


System Administrators have the ability to edit user email addresses as needed. This will require users to also re-create their password, the exact process for which is further explained below.

Updating a User's Email Address

  1. Enter System Administration
  2. Select "People" on the left-hand menu 
  3. Search for the user whose email address requires updating
  4. To the right of the user's name, select the pencil icon
  5. This will produce the user's record, including a Primary Email text box. Edits can be typed directly into this box.
  6. Select "Update" in the lower-right

Important! Updating user Password

After editing a user's email address, their password will need to be re-created. Depending on the method your institution uses for user login, this process can be completed in one of two ways:

  • If users at your institution log into their affiliated Watermark product(s) through login.watermarkinsights.com with an email and password, then they will need to create or reset their password by choosing the 'Create Your Password' link at login.watermarkinsights.com.
  • If users at your institution use SAML SSO to log in to Watermark products, then ensure new emails and passwords are set up properly through your institution's IT department.
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