Resources for New SSE Administrators

In the event that you have a change in personnel for a Student Success & Engagement administrator, we recommend taking the following steps to ensure that your new administrator(s) fully understands and is ready to complete the necessary tasks for effective software management.


1. Contact Your Client Success Manager (CSM) - Notify your CSM of any major changes in personnel. This will help them keep most current on your stakeholders, as well as allow them to provide you with additional options and resources to assist with new administrator training.

Note: If you don’t know who your CSM is or how to contact them, please contact support.


2. The Watermark Academy - The Watermark Academy is managed by our Client Services Implementation Team and provides a variety of training resources and learning materials for administrators.

The Academy offers the following options:

Product Implementation

Implementation Companion Courses

Note: The Academy requires a separate login, but it's quick and easy to sign up. Subscription service credits can also be used. For more information, see: The Watermark Academy: Signing Up and Redeeming Service Credits

3. The Watermark Help Center - The Help Center is managed by our Client Support Team and its knowledge base is a contains useful guides and information organized by Watermark product and user role. As a Watermark Administrator, you can easily search for, navigate, and learn key information that will help in your daily tasks of managing Watermark's solutions. 

4. Click the Follow button for Release Notes - For directions and more information, see: Stay Notified on Watermark Feature Releases: "Follow" Button

You can also get in touch with the Client Support Team through our Web Form (click Submit A Requeston the top right or bottom of the any page) or through our Messaging Chat widget on the lower right of each page.

Click here for Client Support hours and the best way to get in touch: Contacting Watermark's Customer Support

Welcome to the Watermark family! Your success is our goal!


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