LiveText Release Notes for July 28, 2023

Updates to Course Assessment Data Extract

Given the End of Life for C1 Analytics (official date for removal from LiveText is August 31st, 2023), we want to provide administrators alternatives they can use to retrieve relevant data from C1. We have made some updates to the Course Assessment Data Extract with the intent of providing administrators with an alternative to some of their reporting needs previously accomplished in the C1 Analytics module.


To access the Course Assessment Data Extract:

1. Log into your LiveText administrator account

2. Click Tools

3. Click Export Course Assessments


NOTE: If you do not see Export Course Assessments on your Tools page, please email to request that it be enabled


Ability to Filter Extract Results:

We have introduced a new option in the Course Assessment Data extract that enables administrators to filter the results of the extract and hone in on the specific data you need. We have introduced a full page filter area with Cancel and Export options.

The new filters include:

  1. Term

    1. Multi-select filter

  2. College

    1. Multi-select filter

  3. Department

    1. Multi-select filter

  4. Course Sections

    1. Multi-select filter

  5. Assessment Rubric

    1. Multi-select filter

  6. Standard Set

    1. Multi-select filter

  7. Standards

    1. Multi-select filter

    2. Cascading filter

      1. Only standards from sets selected in the Standard Set dropdown would be available.

  8. Assessor Name

    1. Multi-Select filter

  9. Major

    1. Multi-select filter

  10. Student Gender

    1. Multi-select filter

  11. Student Ethnicity

    1. Multi-select filter

  12. Academic Program

    1. Multi-select filter

  13. Completion Year

    1. Multi-select filter

The filter area also provides the administrators the option to export the extract in either the older/classic format (i.e. without the newly added data columns) as well as a new format (i.e. with the newly added data columns). Those extract options include:

  1. Classic Extract

    1. Contains all of the columns that exist in the current extract only

  2. Advanced Extract

    1. Contains all classic extract columns and the addition of several new columns

Other options included on the filter page are the ability to export the file as a .csv or .xls file as well as the ability to use a system generated title or to create your own title for the exported file. The specifics are as follows:

  1. Save As Filetype

    1. Single select drop-down options include:

      1. xls (Microsoft Excel)

      2. csv (Common Separated Values)

  2. Save As Filename

    1. Text Field

    2. Pre-populated with a filename in the following format:

      1. LiveText Course Assessment Extract [yyyy]-[mm]-[dd]-[timestamp 12-hour]

In addition to the ability to filter the results of the extract, we have also added new columns to the advanced extract. The newly added columns are as follows:

  1. Academic Program

  2. Major

  3. Completion Year

  4. Custom columns 1 - 30

  5. Standard Sets

    1. PIPE separated values

    2. If an element has more than one standard set, the standard sets will be comma separated.

    3. If an element has more than one standard set and there are duplicates, the standard set would be listed only once

  6. Standards

    1. Standard names would include the full set name

    2. Pipe-separated standards associated with different elements

  7. Grade

  8. Race/Ethnicity

  9. Max Possible Points for each rubric element (i.e. Max RP1, Max RP2 etc…)

    1. The columns are displayed right after all the columns for scores received on each rubric element (i.e. RS1, RS2 etc…)

  10. Max Possible Weighted Score for each rubric element (i.e. Max WRS1, Max WRS2 etc…)

    1. The Max Possible Weighted Score columns are displayed after all the Max Possible Points columns e.g. Max RP1, Max RP2,… followed by Max WRS1, Max WRS2 etc….

  11. Max Rubric Points Scored displayed before the Grade column

    1. This is a total of the scores received on each element from the rubric assessment.

  12. Max Possible Rubric Points displayed between the new column for Max Rubric Points Scored and the column for Grade.

    1. This is a total of the max possible points for each rubric element.

  13. Max Possible Weighted Rubric Score displayed after the Max Possible Rubric Points column.

    1. This is a total of the max possible weighted score for each rubric element.

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