Course Evaluations & Surveys Release Notes for May 24, 2023

NEW FEATURE: Disabled the ability to change the Main Survey once responses have been received

CES/Project Admins will not be able to change the main survey assigned to a project once responses have been received in that project. This will prevent data loss and orphaned data. If a CES Admin needs to change the survey, they can simply copy the project and assign the correct survey to its copy.


The Change Selected Survey button shown in the screenshot below will be disabled if data has already been collected in the project.



ENHANCEMENT: User Interface Improvements to Custom Question Widget

For Custom Question Admins and Instructors, we have now made some UI improvements to the Custom Question Widget.  The Custom Question functionality remains the same but the widget now has a new appearance.


An empty state has also been added to let the user know when they have no custom question projects.


NEW FEATURE: Improvement in Test Communications to help user preview actual email content.

When using the Send Test Email function when creating an email on the Communications tab, users receiving test communications can now view the Table of Surveys and Table of Courses placeholder information. The test email recipients will be provided with dummy data for these placeholders but it will give the user a view of what the actual tables will look like for students and instructors. 


  • This dummy data is only used when using the Send Test Email function.  Live emails sent to your users in the project will see the relevant data for that project. 
  • Also, some placeholders (like the Login URL placeholder) will still not be replaced in the test email.


ENHANCEMENT: Replaced Delete with Remove in Excel upload of Administrator Accounts

Last month, we replaced the word "Delete" with the word "Remove" to avoid confusion when removing Administrator access for a user who no longer needs to have Administrator access.  We have also extended this change to the upload file you can use to remove Administrators. 

While using an excel file upload to manage Administrators, CES Administrators will now have to title the column header in the file as Remove rather than Delete if they wish to remove an Administrator.  By using “Remove” as the column header and entering a 1 for the user they wish to remove, the Admin role will be removed and the user account with other roles will remain untouched as expected.

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