Course Evaluations & Surveys Release Notes for February 22, 2023


NEW FEATURE: Display response options in a drop-down menu for Single Select questions in General Surveys


DescriptionA CES Admin or Survey Admin can now choose to display single select questions in a drop-down for a General Survey. For respondents of the general survey, response options will be listed in the drop-down if the display property is selected by the the survey creator. The default display for single select questions will continue to be a vertical list.

NOTE: The dropdown option is only available for General Surveys at this time but will be available for other survey types in a future release.


Survey Builder:


Student/Respondent View:




NEW FEATURE: Canvas survey respondents can access CES in a new tab when browser security settings block the iframe


Prerequisites: The institution’s Canvas User Integration must be on LTI 1.3

Description: Canvas users of Course Evaluations & Surveys can now access CES with strict 3rd-party cookie settings enabled in their browser. Strict 3rd-party cookie settings enabled in a browser can prevent a user session from signing in to CES from Canvas. In this release, users will no longer have to change browser 3rd-party cookie settings to access CES.

If your institution’s Canvas User Integration is utilizing LTI 1.3, users with strict 3rd-party cookie settings enabled will have the option to open CES in a new browser tab. If they have strict 3rd party cookie settings enabled, users will receive a 3rd-Party Cookies Blocked message with a Open in a new tab button, which opens CES in a new browser tab. This allows users to move forward with their daily work or to the evaluation without making changes to browser security settings.





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