Course Evaluations & Surveys Release Notes for January 17, 2023

UPDATE: Blackboard Ultra User Integration Utilizing LTI 1.3
The Course Evaluations & Surveys Blackboard Ultra Integration can now utilize LTI 1.3 standards.
  • While it is recommended best practice to update your Blackboard Ultra Integration to utilize LTI 1.3, updating to LTI 1.3 is not a requirement to use the Blackboard Ultra Integration and existing integrations will not be automatically disabled.

  • Updating the Blackboard Ultra Integration to utilize LTI 1.3 requires the assistance of Watermark Insights Support and your institution's Blackboard Ultra Administrator.  Watermark Support will provide you with new values for the Blackboard Ultra LTI 1.3 data and user integration.

  • There is no change with integration functionality and user experience.


NEW FEATURE: Email notification sent for Report Builder 2.0 generated reports.


An email notification will now be sent after a report is generated in Report Builder 2.0 to the user who generated the report. This is in addition to the current notification that appears in the user’s account. The user will log into Course Evaluations & Surveys to access the report after it’s been generated.

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