Student Addresses are incorrect

The following steps help troubleshoot an incorrect address displayed in Student Success & Engagement.

1. Verify the address(es) displayed on the student profile.

2. If the student does not display a correct address on their student profile, check the following at SS&E - Administration - SIS Integration - Datafeeds - Person Address, searching by the Student Id:

  1. Does the correct address display on the Person Address data feed Imported Data - View?
    • The Person Address Datafeed Imported Data View should display the same address(es) displayed on the Student Profile (where active=true).

    • In most cases, the reason that the Student Profile does not display the correct data is that the data is missing from the data extract.

  2. Does the (personAddress.json) data extract include the correct address data?
    1. From the data extract column, Right-click - "Save link as" to download the most recent personAddress.json imported from the SIS.
    2. For help on how to view Json files, click here.
    3. If the correct address is missing from SS&E and included in the personAddress.json data extract, follow the next step to check for Import Errors preventing the correct data from importing into SS&E.

3. To check for Import Errors preventing the correct data in the data extract from importing into SS&E:

  1. View the Person Address Import Errors from the Datafeed -Errors column or from the SIS Integration - Import Errors menu.
    • Clicking on the data feed errors value will open up the Import Errors menu pre-filtered on the data feed errors.
  2. Search the error messages on the specific data feed and on all data feeds by the student Id to check for something preventing the data from importing.
  3. If the data extract includes the correct data and there are no import errors, open a support ticket with your findings. Please include the data feed name and at least one example of a student with incorrect data displayed in SS&E and correct data in the data extract.

4. If the Person Address data extract does not include the correct data, check the SIS data extract definitions/Informer report/CSV output to figure out why the correct student address(es) are being excluded from the data extract.

5. To view the SIS Integration Troubleshooting process in more detail, click here.

7. In addition, since the Person Address data feed does not integrate data deletion with the SIS, in order to "remove" a student address from the student profile, set the person address record to import from the SIS with "Active" set to false.

  • Person address records imported from the SIS in the data extract with "Active = False":
    1. Will be removed from the Student Profile UI.
    2. Are not deleted from the SS&E database.
    3. Can still be viewed on the Person Address Datafeed Imported Data View.
  • When Person Address Active is set to false, this removes an address from the UI without integrating data deletion via All Ids.
  • For information about SIS Deletion Integration via All Ids, click here.

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