Success & Risk Reasons

The success and risk reasons are provided from the predictive models to SS&E. They identify reasons why a student may be at risk, or may be successful, in a course or with term-to-term persistence.  The default reasons are provided by the predictive model, but they can be overridden with alternative text or can be turned off.  


Src System Id

The unique identifier from the data warehouse. This value should not be changed.


Entering text in this field will override the text found in the Source Description. When viewing reasons in SS&E this value will be displayed, if available.

Source Description

The description of the reason from the data warehouse. Can be overridden using the Description field.


Whether this reason is shown/hidden throughout SS&E. If a reason is inactivated, the next reason will be shown as it pertains to the top 3 risk/success reasons. The data warehouse provides the top five of each.

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