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With the release of 7.0.0, in addition to uploading Bulk Prospects data via a Prospects CSV file from Imports Administration, prospective student data can also be entered manually to create individual prospect records from the Prospect Person Page.

  • Manually entered prospect Information will appear on the Prospect Profile tab.
  • Intended Programs, Intended Start Terms, and Intended Departments will only display on the prospect profile if enabled in Person Type Administration.

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In order to manually enter/edit prospect data:

  1. The logged-in user must have permission to access the Prospect Person Type from one of their assigned security roles associated Department Apps.
  2. The logged-in user must have permission to "Imports - Can Create Prospects Individually" assigned in Role Administration to at least one of their assigned security roles
  3. The add-on Import Processes feature must be enabled for the institution in Features Administration.


Prospect Manual Entry Steps


  1. From the People dropdown on the primary nav bar, select Prospect.
  2. On the Prospect Person Type Page, select the dropdwon arror next to Add Prospect.
  3. Select "Individual".
  4. Enter data on the Person tab to manually create a prospect record.
    1. Person Id is not a required field, if left blank the Id will be auto generated.
    2. If manually entered, the person Id is limited to 25 characters and no spaces or special characters are allowed.
  5. Enter any additional prospect details on the Phones, Addresses, and High Schools tabs.
    • When adding phone numbers, select "Active" to display the phone number on the UI.
  6. Select "Save" when you're done entering all the prospect data.
    • If the new prospect record will not save, check each tab to make sure that all required fields are populated and that nothing is red/invalid.

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Note: Selecting Add Prospect - "From CSV" will open Imports Administration "Upload Prospects CSV".


Edit Prospect

Any existing Prospect record can be edited directly from the UI, no matter how they were originally entered into the system (imported via a CSV file import, the SIS import, or manually entered).

  • Manually deleting prospect data will remove the data from the prospect profile on the UI, however this same data may reappear if entered on a subsequent inquiry form/entered again.
  • Adding prospect data will add this data to the prospect profile on the UI, however this data can subsequently be edited or removed.

To edit a Prospect record:

1)Select the prospect

2) Select the Edit icon from the top right corner of the prospect record


3) Select the relevant tab in order to change/update add/remove prospect data from the prospect profile

  • The available tabs are: Person, Phones, Addresses, High Schools, and Academic Interests

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4) When saving a prospect record, new data selections will not save if there are invalid fields present on any of the Edit Prospect tabs.

  • Remember to select "Active" in order to activate phone numbers that should display on the UI.
  • Invalid fields must be resolved before any new data can be manually added or removed from the prospect record.
  • After selecting "Save", tab(s) with invalid fields that need to be corrected will display with a red asterisk.
  • Once the invalid values are fixed, edit prospect data will save successfully.

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2023-07-31 08_39_29-Students - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png2023-07-31 08_35_21-Students - Watermark Student Success & Engagement.png

Note: At most institutions, prospects will most likely not display a Success Team on their prospect record if prospects are not associated with a success team. If that's always the case,  "People - Success Team" can be removed from the UI by disabling Profile Features in Prospect Person Type Administration.


Manual Data Deletion Integration

Since the Person Phone data feed integrates data deletion with the SIS, the Person Phone data feed view will also allow Administrator users to manually delete person phone records.

  • Even when Prospect Person Phone data does not originate from the SIS, all prospect phone records will display on the Person Phone Data View and therefore any prospect phone record can be manually deleted from the Person Phone Data View, found here.
  • If the Prospect Person Phone data is importing from the SIS, deleted records will re-import if the data is not removed from the source data in the SIS.


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