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The Student View of the Student Success & Engagement platform provides students with key features that assist in connecting them with their Student Success team.

  • Only users assigned a student role see a Student View when logging into SS&E.
  • Students with both student and staff roles will not see a Student View by design as they will login to a Staff View.

Home Page

The student's Home page will consist of:

  • The Student's Success Team
      • If assigned to a student, the student's Primary Advisor and Primary Coach always display
      • Student "Follower(s)" visibility depends on the individual Subscription Label "Student Visible Yes/No" setting configured in Relationships Administration 
      • On the Student view there is an option to "Send a Message" or "Schedule a Meeting" directly with/to anyone included on the student's success team.
  • Shared Resources, such as an Institution student guide, academic planning guide etc.
  • Pending Surveys (when applicable)
  • Steps to help the student become successful
  • Open Tasks that are assigned to the student
  • Meetings scheduled with the student (when applicable)
  • Messages sent to the student's institutional email address
  • A button that allows the student to "Schedule a Meeting" (when applicable)
  • A link to "Take" each pending survey (when applicable)
  • A link to the student's Inbox, e.g. Messages page


Profile Page

On their Profile tab, a student is able to view the following:

  • A link to "View" their academic plan. e.g. Plan page (when applicable)
  • The student's Primary Degree Program
  • Profile Tab - General information (Student ID, Phone, Address, Email etc.), Achievements
  • Courses Tab - A term dropdown with corresponding course details and attendance information (when applicable); the most recent term or current term classes display by default
  • Transcript Tab - The student's full transcript displaying the student's cumulative GPA, cumulative GPA credits, all terms, courses, credits, midterm and final grades
  • Test Scores Tab - Historical test scores associated with the student record
  • Documents Tab - Any documents the student's Success Team has shared with the student, such as a Course Catalog etc.
  • Programs Tab - Historical program data associated with the student record
  • The student's Success Team (same information is displayed on the Home Page)


Plan Page

On the Plan page students can view their academic plan, make changes and submit a plan for approval to the designated Student Success staff member.

Once an academic plan is approved, students are able to view the plan, and make changes.

  • Any time a student makes changes to their plan, they will need to resubmit the plan for approval.
  • The Plan page only displays for institutions that use the Academic Planning add-on module.


Messages Page

Students have the ability to utilize the messaging feature within SS&E in two different ways.

  1. By clicking the Messages page from the top menu bar. From here:
    • All communication can be viewed either from the student's "Inbox" or "Sent" messages "folder".
    • Students can search for messages by Person ID or Person Name.
    • Students can select to view only "Unread" messages.
    • Students can also select "+New" to create a new message. 
  2. Students also have the ability to send messages directly from different areas of the Student View.
    • From the student's Home or Profile page, students can "Send a Message" directly to anyone included on their Student Success team.
    • From the Profile page Courses tab, students can select any faculty or staff member that is listed as a course instructor on one of their courses and send a direct message by clicking on the instructor's name.




Resources Page

The Resources page provides students a quick link to any resources that have been shared with them to assist with their success. The following are examples of shared resource guides:

  • Campus Systems
  • Child Care
  • Community Resources
  • Degree Planning
  • Finances
  • Food/Nutrition
  • PC Training
  • Records & Registration


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