Managing Integrated Surveys


SS&E currently integrates with SurveyMonkey or Qualtrics surveys.

Currently, you can only send surveys to an institutional (.edu) email. There is no option in the current product design to select between institutional and personal email.

Surveys Quick Start Guide Videos

Video 1 - Getting Started with Surveys:

Video 2 - Send and Review Surveys:

Video 3 - Surveys Configuration:


Add a Survey

Once the Survey Integration Configuration steps are complete, you must select the specific surveys you wish to integrate into Student Success & Engagement.

  • For more information about SurveyMonkey Integration, click here.
  • For more information about Qualtrics Survey Integration, click here.

If you haven't done so already, navigate to SS&E Administration -> Surveys -> Surveys.

Find the survey you'd like to add in the "Add Survey" section, then click the "Add" button.

In the case of SurveyMonkey, this will automatically add a new collector onto this survey in SurveyMonkey named "Aviso Collector". Do not delete this collector, or Student Success & Engagement will not be able to find survey responses to pull into SS&E.

How to Customize a Survey

Clicking on a survey will allow you to change a few important settings. 

The following screenshot is an example of what may be changed when editing an existing survey:


The name that is displayed in SS&E can be changed via the Name field.

  • Note: This does NOT change the name of the survey within the external survey tool. Rather, this only changes the name displayed to SS&E users for this specific survey.

Sync Enabled

When checked, survey responses will be automatically pulled into SS&E. This is performed by a job that checks for new or modified survey responses every 20 minutes.

Is Key Engagement

When checked, identifies whether the completion of this survey by a student is considered a Key Engagement.

Roles that Can Send this Survey

This defines which people are able to send this survey.

Roles that Can View this Survey's Results

This defines which people are able to click on "View Details" on specific survey responses and see the answers. Some question types require additional permissions to view results as well.

  • For example, image and file uploads are kept by SurveyMonkey, and a link to the file is provided in the results. A SurveyMonkey login, and permissions through SurveyMonkey are required to view these.

Note: Anyone who has access to the survey application can see responses on a student's profile. This setting controls whether or not a person can see the specific answers to the survey questions on the survey response itself.


Next Steps

Once a survey has been added to SS&E, you can begin to use SS&E to send surveys, and allow the responses that your survey tool collects to be pulled into the SS&E system. SS&E can only pull survey response data for surveys that have been sent from SS&E.

SS&E will only sync the first response for a given survey from each recipient. This prevents issues when recipients share the same survey link or take the survey multiple times. To collect multiple submissions per participant, new surveys should be created.

Pending Surveys

Pending Surveys will display a "Pending" tag on each survey to show when it was sent, and provide a link for the user to "Take" the survey.


Sending a Survey

To send a survey, click on "Send" from a permitted survey on the Surveys tab. The Survey field will be filled in and the staff user is required to select the recipients. The survey recipient options are to:

  • Send to specific people
  • Send to a filter


Student View

The survey recipients will be notified by email that a staff member has sent them a survey, and in the message there will be a link to the survey.

Andrew Executive has sent you a survey

To: Olivia Student December 22, 2021 10:01 AM
Please click the following link to take the survey.


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