Daily Digest Content Settings and Troubleshooting


The daily digest email message keeps success team members informed of items that are happening with students that are on your caseload along with students you are following.

  • Which students are included in the daily digest email depends on the staff/faculty individual user settings. The options are students on your "primary" caseload (advisees) and/or students that you are following.
  • User Settings Daily Digest Notifications can be set to "Advisees Only" or "Advisees and Students That I Follow".
      • Advisees Only means that the user will only see notifications for students where they are either the student's primary advisor or primary coach.
      • Advisees and Students That I Follow means that the user will see notifications for students where they are either the student's primary advisor, primary coach, or a follower on the student record. 


If you think that the daily digest is missing a notification, use the following steps to view and verify the daily digest email settings.

  1. Messaging Administration - Daily Digest Email Messages can be viewed from the Message Report filtering by Date, From "Aviso System", and looking at messages sent at 4:45 AM EST. *Some institutions may send messages from Aviso System using a different sender name.
  2. Relationships Administration - Searching for a student or staff on the Relationships filter (with Include Expired checked) will display all relationships that existed at the time the daily digest was sent. If a relationship was expired before the datetime a daily digest was sent or created after the daily digest was sent, this can explain why a notification is missing for a specific student.
  3. User Settings - Each user has their own individual user settings that determine what type of notifications are included in their Daily Digest emails and for which students. For example, if certain events or automated alert types are left unchecked, they will not be included in the user's daily digest email content.


An example of a daily digest email is shown below.

Daily Digest Source Data

The Daily Digest will automatically be sent out everyday and will aggregate up to 10 each of alerts, achievements, and events that you have turned on in your User Settings.

  • To see the additional information, click the link within the digest.
  • What exactly is included and when depends on the individual alert/achievement/event configuration settings.

This will direct you to the Activity filter in Student Success & Engagement where you can set additional parameters/date range. 

  • The daily digest displays the same information that would have been displayed in your Activity feed for the day in an easy to read email.

The ability to turn the Daily Digest email on and off will become available when the feature has been turned on for your institution.

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