Resource Guide Permissions

Resources Permissions Configuration

The Resource Guide permissions are configured in Administration - Resources Configuration.

From here, the following settings can be modified:


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Roles that can manage resources

These are the user roles that are allowed to create and modify resources and resource categories.

Roles that can share resources

These are the user roles that are allowed to share resources with others.

  • This allows user to be able to provide access to resources without having full management capabilities that the "Roles that can manage resources" permission provides.

Who can view a Resource?

On each resource, there is a Visibility setting with the following values, one of which is set on each resource:


This visibility setting determines whether users can access a specific resource when clicking on it from the "Resource Guide" page within Student Success & Engagement.

However, if any resource is shared with a student, the student will be able to access that specific resource even if it is not listed for them on their resources page, and regardless of the specific resource visibility setting.

  • Shared resources are listed under "Resources Shared With You" on the students dashboard that displays when logging in to SS&E.

Visible to the world (public)

There is no visibility restriction on this specific resource, eg. users will not have to log in in order to access this resource.

Visible to any logged in user

Any logged in user is able to see the resource (students, staff, faculty, etc., eg. everyone who can log into SS&E will be allowed to see this resource).

Visible to staff accounts

Only users who have at least one 'staff' role can see this resource. For more information about Staff roles, click here.

Visible to resource managers

This resource is only visible to users that have at least one role listed in the "Roles that can manage resources" setting in Resource Guide Configuration (see above).

Resource Active/Inactive Flag

The "Active" flag displayed on each resource may override some of the settings above.

  • By default, all new resource categories are set to inactive, and all new resources within existing resource categories are set to active.
  • Only users with roles listed in the "Roles that can manage resources" setting (see above) will see Inactive resources displayed on their Resource Guide pages.


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