How To Set Up Your Dashboard

How to Edit Your Dashboard -- watch a short video here to learn more. 


1) Start by selecting the Edit Dashboard button in the far right corner.


2) Change your dashboard's name to match your role/responsibilities by typing in the box under title. Select the layout of your choice by clicking the pencil next to the word Layout to get options.


3) Customize the information on your dashboard by adding or deleting widgets. To add any widgets, click the + Add Widgets button. To delete widgets, select the trash can to the right of the appropriate heading.


4) Lastly, don’t forget to save. When you go back to your home screen, you will see your new layout.


Helpful Hints

  • Everything displayed on your dashboard is based on permissions
  • With Report Builder, you can build custom reports and turn them into widgets on your dashboard.  Custom reports automatically become available as a widget once they are created. 
  • With custom report widgets, you will need to choose between grid or chart format. 
  • Order your widgets so that the most useful information is easily visible and resides near the top of your screen. 
  • One way to determine the best layout is to add every widget available to the dashboard, monitor your use, and then remove widgets you find unnecessary. 
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