Caseload User Settings


Caseload settings are individual user settings listed on the "Settings" menu accessed by clicking on the logged-in user's top right profile pic SS&E menu dropdown.


After selecting the Settings menu, each user can scroll to the Caseload section to view or edit which students are considered as included "on caseload".

  • The Caseload setting determines which students are included in each staff user's built-in Caseload filter (when applicable), what activities appear on the Caseload Activity Feed, on the Dashboard etc.
  • By default, Current Students is ALWAYS checked for all SS&E staff users.

Caseload Options

General Settings

Depending on the logged-in user's permissions, General Settings will display the following options:

  • Current Students - Students Registered in Current or Future Terms
  • Continuing Students - Non-Registered Students that have attended in the Previous Year


  • When Continuing Students is checked, caseload will include students that are not registered in a current or future term, yet have attended/been registered in the past year.
  • When Continuing Students is unchecked, caseload will NOT include students that are not registered in a current or future term.

Instruct Settings

Instruct Settings will display the following Caseload option:

  • Automatically Follow students Enrolled in Current Courses that I Instruct


  • When checked, students in the current term that I am instructing will be included in my caseload.
  • When unchecked, students in the current term that I am instructing will NOT automatically be included in my caseload. They may get added into my caseload a different way, either by manually following a student or maybe I am already listed as the student's primary advisor, primary coach, or follower.

Students are Missing from Caseload

If students are missing from a caseload, reviewing an individual user's caseload settings will most likely identify why certain students are missing.

Note: The "Caseload" setting "Automatically follow students enrolled in current courses that I instruct" will only display in the staff member's User Settings when the staff user's role configuration "Settings - Can automatically Follow Instructed Students" is enabled. When disabled, this selection will not appear.


For example, if only current or future term students are currently displayed in the staff user's caseload, checking "Continuing Students" will add students that are advisees/coached/the staff member is following yet are not currently registered in a current or future term and attended school in the previous year.

Note: Current Students cannot be unchecked as this is hard-coded by design.

* If a Caseload setting is checked by mistake and students are followed, by unchecking the setting the system will automatically unfollow the relevant students.

Note: If all students are missing from the caseload, then the "relationship" and/or "follow by tag rule" may not be assigned as expected. To confirm, please check the Administrative -Relationship section of SS&E, further explained here.

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