Student Analytics


Analytical information displays in SS&E on the Analytics tab for a student filter view or an individual student record.

  • Student Analytical data only displays after this feature was released in November 2020.


Permission to the Analytics tab is set in Role Administration on the Full Profile View or Limited Profile "View Student Profile Tabs" section.

Student Filter Analytics

On a filter by filter basis, staff and faculty users can view analytics regarding Student Count, Tasks, Persistence Risk, Course Risk, Appointments, GPA and Credits.

  • To view analytics data for a student filter, select a student filter that is not the built-in "Everyone" or "Caseload" filters, and then select the "Analytics" tab to display analytics for the selected student filter.
  • The values that appear when hovering over each section of the bar charts for Persistence Risk and Course Risk represent the the number of students in each risk category.
  • Only students with a risk score will be included in the student filter analytics charts.

Student Analytics

On an individual student level, users can see analytics regarding cumulative GPA, Credits, Persistence Risk, Course Risk, Attendance and Appointments for the selected student.

To view student filter analytics data, select a student and then select the "Analytics" tab on their student record.


Student (Filter) Analytics are Missing

Per above, analytical data has only been tracked since this feature was released in November 2020, and data was not being calculated and stored as statistics prior to this.

In addition, by design, analytics are calculated for every new filter via a nightly job and do not display immediately. Therefore, after creating a new filter, analytics will only appear the following day after the nightly job runs.

Analytics Tab is Missing

If the Analytics tab is missing and does not display for a logged-in user, the most likely reason is that the user's assigned role(s) do not have permission to view this.

To fix this, reach out to your someone at your institution that is assigned the Administrator role and request that permission to show/see the Student Profile Analytics tab be added.



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