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When a staff user, i.e. non-student user logs into Student Success & Engagement, the "Courses" tab from the top menu bar displays all courses where the staff is an instructor, and are associated with the "same/current" academic term.

The following steps explain in more detail how SS&E determines which courses display on the Staff View - Courses tab:

  1. The system finds every term id/year from the Academic Calendar data feed that includes the current date.
    • Click here to view the Academic Calendar Imported Data View.
    • Search for all records that include the current/system date.
  2. The system finds every academic term that is associated with the same term id/year found in step 1.
  3. The system gathers all course sections for the instructor that are associated with all academic terms found in step 2.
  4. The result is that SS&E will display all courses from all academic terms that are associated with the same year and term id in the Academic Calendar data feed as the term id/year found in step 1.

Note: By design, depending on how the academic term data is set up in the SIS, this may result in SS&E displaying courses for many terms that are in different statuses (Completed, Not Started, In Progress, etc.). The reason is that by finding a "current" term id/year and then listing the instructor's courses from every term that has the same year and "Academic Term" as that term id, the results may be confusing.

To summarize, as long as the "termid" and "year" match with a term that includes the current date, this course will be displayed.

For this reason, when setting up the Academic Calendar data in the SIS/Informer, it is advised to carefully consider what is being set as the term id/year as that is used to determine the "Academic Term" in SS&E. If the term id is unique to an academic term/year, then only one term will display on the staff view "courses" tab.

The following screenshot from the SIS Import Definitions found here displays the Academic Calendar data feed definitions:






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