How to change Group Social Icons

By default, adding Group Social to an Advanced Message Body will add icons for:

  • Facebook
  • Google+
  • Twitter

If your institition wants to change any of these, after the social element is dragged over to the message editor, you can select each individual icon in order to remove it or change it to something different.


To change a social media icon:

  1. Select the icon.
  2. Select Component Settings by clicking on the settings gear icon displayed on the nav bar.
  3. From the Icon dropdown, select a different icon to use from the list of available icons.


After the icon is changed, the old/removed icon will be replaced by the new icon:


If a social platform icon is missing from the dropdown list, you may choose "Custom" and enter the icon image you wish to display (along with the URL that the icon image is linked to).

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