Departmental Apps Quick Start Guide


The purpose of this article is to provide steps that help institutions use Departmental Apps.

A base assumption is that your institution has already decided to use departmental apps, and the Departmental Apps add-on has already been enabled in SS&E" target="_blank" rel="noopener"Features Administration.

How to get started with Departmental Apps

1) If not already enabled, please reach out to your Client Success Manager to enable the Departmental Apps add-on feature. Once enabled:

  • Departmental App Administration will appear on the Administration menu.
  • If multiple apps are assigned to the logged-in user via Role Administration, the Instruct and Recruit Departmental Apps will appear in the App Switcher along with the default Advise app, Admin, and Resources.

2) From Department Apps Administration, define what is accessible for staff/faculty to use/view within each departmental app, eg. "app".  The following items can be configured at the departmental app level:

  • Which tabs are visible and accessible in the top menu bar. 
  • Which person types are available to select within the app.
  • Which widgets are accessible in the app. 
  • Which campaign types are able to be created in the app.
  • Which tags and surveys are available within each app. 
  • For more detailed information about what is available, click here.

3) In Role Administration, select which roles can access each department app.

  • Each non-student user will have access to every app that is assigned through all of their roles combined. 
  • To remove an app from a user, all roles that assign the specific app must be manually removed from the person record via People Administration.
  • A user that is assigned both a non-student role and a student role is considered "staff" and will not be assigned the Student app. Since by design, student-staff workers can only access a "Staff View". 


4) For staff that are associated with more than one departmental app through their assigned security roles, make sure they understand when to select each relevant app when working with "different hats".

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