Building a Campaign Message

Campaigns Q & A (includes conversations from Campaign Slack)
  • Campaign Message Variables

      The following variables can be used in Campaign Messaages:

  • How to Enter and View Campaign "From Addresses"

    Overview "From Addresses" allows users to customize who the campaign email messages are sent from and manage how replies to campaign emails are handled. How to add a From Address 1) To create a From Address, from Messaging Administration, select "From Addresses" Users must have "Can Access Campaigns" enabled in at least one assigned role in Roles Administration in orde...

  • How to copy an email template from campaign "emails" to campaign "templates"

    An email template can only be saved as a campaign template if the campaign has not yet been started. If the campaign has not started: Click on the campaign Go to edit Go to the content section Click on “Save as Template”

  • How to add a linked image

    The "Link Block" component will allow you to create a link from a Campaign message image. To create an image link: Drag and drop the link block into the message. Set the href (URL) for the image on the link block. Drag and drop your image component into the above component. This will make the image clickable. For more information about adding branded images into Campa...

  • How to import HTML directly into Campaigns

    In order to make emails display consistently between various email clients, the Campaigns Drag and Drop HTML editor can no longer support copying/editing/viewing HTML directly in the message editor.  Now, after building a rich layout, the HTML Editor generates HTML which renders consistently on major email clients.  To import HTML directly into Campaigns, use the "Impor...