Accessing the Faculty Success Beta Environment

If you will need access to beta on a regular basis, it is recommended to ensure the user account is set to Local Authentication in Production (www) so the credentials are not reset weekly. If you will not need regular access to beta, you will need to reset your password each week.

  1. Use the following URL to access beta:[org]/faculty/authentication/
    *Note: Replace "[org]" with the domain for your institution. This can be reviewed by logging in normally and checking the URL. Example:
  2. You may notice the login prompt is different than your typical login. To proceed with the password reset process for this separate authentication method, select Need Help? below the credential fields
  3.  After the Get Login Help box appears, select Reset Your Password to continue the process.
  4. In the email prompt, you must enter your Username (not Email Address) to receive the email. The email will automatically be sent to the email address on file for the username entered. A new login experience is forthcoming to address this inconsistency. If you are unsure of your account username, this can be requested by contacting Watermark support.
  5. Once you select Reset Password, the site will return you to the main login screen. You may safely close this tab. After a few moments, you will receive an email similar to the sample provided below.
  6. Select the hyperlinked Reset Password.
    Note: The link in the email should be opened in a new private/incognito browser window to ensure there are no caching issues during this process.


After the new password is set, a session will immediately open in your web browser. Once you have logged into the Beta environment, you will see "beta" in the URL and a banner will appear on your screen alerting you that you are in this environment.

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