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Watermark Curriculum Strategy - A New Name for SmartCatalog

Announced: July 27, 2021

Earlier this month we launched new product names for core products within the Watermark Product Suite!

  • Watermark Planning & Self-Study

  • Watermark Outcomes Assessment Projects (formerly Aqua)

  • Watermark Student Learning & Licensure (formerly Via)

  • Watermark Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures)

  • Watermark Course Evaluations & Surveys (formerly EvaluationKIT)

  • Watermark Curriculum Strategy (formerly SmartCatalog)

With these new names, we strive to more clearly articulate each product’s core purpose through descriptive wording that reflects your point of view and how each one supports your institution’s efforts to inspire progress. These new names also reinforce our focus and commitment to bringing you an integrated, efficient and complementary Watermark Product Suite.

Learn more here about the rationale behind this initiative, how and why we selected each new name, and for a high-level preview of the types of in-product changes to expect.Please find more details below on the changes you can expect to see in the product and elsewhere as we transition gradually from the old to the new name.

You may also find this sample email to faculty helpful as you consider how to best introduce this topic to your stakeholders.

What's Next

On August 10th we’ll introduce the first round of in-product updates to reflect SmartCatalog’s new name, Watermark Curriculum Strategy, including:

  • a new product logo on login pages and in the headers in the system
  • the reference to the product in the hierarchy in the Content Editor


Watermark Curriculum Strategy (formerly SmartCatalog) Landing Page showing the updated app bar with product logo, help icon, and app switcher


These updates are largely visual in nature, and are focused on introducing the new descriptive name for the product, reinforcing its home within the Watermark Suite, and providing those who use multiple Watermark products a more consistent experience. These changes do not affect the functionality, workflows, and URLs of the system. That said, with changes to the name and visual reference points, we wanted to ensure you have advanced notice of the details so you can evaluate if and how you’d like to communicate about these changes with your stakeholders and users.

Here is a preview of the renaming-related changes coming to your product on August 10th. Please also watch your inbox for an email confirmation when these in-product changes go live.


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