Refunds: Tk20 Accounts

Officially, Tk20 by Watermark account purchases are non-refundable, but we understand that things happen.

If your account is unused (no submissions or evaluations took place) and was purchased within the last 30 days, then it may be eligible for a refund.

Student Access Kits (SAKs) are non-refundable, the student would need to contact the Bookstore directly.

If your account meets the above requirements, you can request a refund by clicking the Submit A Request button from the Watermark Help Center. You can also click here to Submit A Request.

Be sure to enter:

  • The subject, "Tk20 Refund Request"
  • Your full name as it is listed on the account
  • The full name of your school 
  • The email address you used to create your account

The Watermark Support Team will respond to your request by email.

Note: A record of a refund request is required so refunds cannot be processed over the phone.

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