D2L LTI 1.3 Integration - Adding SL&L activities to a D2L course

Adding SL&L activities to a D2L course

The following instructions will allow you to insert a link in your D2L course that takes students and faculty to a specific activity in Student Learning & Licensure (SL&L). 

Please note:
- An activity must be created in SL&L first, before it can be linked to D2L.
- Grade return does not work for Forced Submissions within SL&L. Students must access the SLL activity via the assignment link within D2L in order for a grade to be successfully sent back.

1. Log into your D2L faculty account and navigate to the Content tab for your course
2. Click Add a Module or go to an existing module
3. Click Existing Activities External Learning Tools

4. Scroll to the end of the LTI tool list. Click Create New LTI Link.

Screenshot 2023-09-25 111243.jpg

5. Insert a title for the new external learning tool activity. The activity link name should match the name of SL&L activity that the link will be associated with.

Insert https://sll.watermarkinsights.com/via/lti/v1p3/launch into the LTI URL text area

The tool should be associated with the SL&L tool created by your D2L admin.

Screenshot 2023-09-25 111354.jpg
6. Click Create and Insert once completed. Note: If an SL&L activity has been sent out across multiple course sections in SL&L, this can also be imitated within D2L. The same SL&L external tool link can be used to connect to that activity across multiple D2L course sections.

7. The external tool assignment link will be displayed in the D2L module content.
8. IF the tool has not been set to open as an external resource at the tool level, complete the following steps:

a. Click the Actions icon to the right of the link, and click Edit Properties In-place

Screenshot 2023-09-25 112428.jpg

b. Ensure that Open as External Resource is selected

c. Check the setting Open as External Resource

Screenshot 2023-09-25 112514.jpg

9. Click on your module link displayed on the left side of the page to view the updated link.

Screenshot 2023-09-25 112546.jpg

10. Click on the LTI link

11. A new tab will open. Choose the Specific Activity option

12. Choose a group and activity from SL&L, and click SELECT & SAVE in the upper right corner of the page

13. A Success message will be displayed on the page.

13. Close this tab and return to your D2L tab


Adding a D2L Grade Item (optional)


NOTE: If you are using grade return, you may add a grade item for your D2L assignment. If the ‘Auto Create Grade Items' setting is enabled in the D2L LTI 1.3 set up to automatically create a grade item at the tool level a Grade Item selection SHOULD NOT BE MADE in the D2L assignments.
See the Configuration Settings in Admin Configuration guide as a reference.


1. From this page you will define the grade for your assignment by clicking Add a grade item...

Screenshot 2023-09-25 112828.jpg

2. Click + New Grade Item
3. Enter a Name of your choice
4. Select a Category or create a new Category (optional)
5. Enter a Description (optional)
6. For Maximum Points, enter the desired maximum grade value
7. Enter the Weight (%) that you want the grade item to contribute to the category or final grade. If a grade item is within a category you must specify the weight as % of the category, not the final grade. E.g. 25% of a category worth 30%.
8. For Grade Scheme, select an option Percentage. (Grade schemes let you represent users’
grades with symbols or labels. E.g. A,B,C or 4.0, 3.5, 3.0)
9. Click Create
10. Click Save
11. The assignment link is now created. Clicking the Open in New Window button will take you directly to the SL&L activity


Screenshot 2023-09-25 112907.jpg

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