Applications Walkthrough

Applications Walk-through

1. If you are unfamiliar with the Applications tab in Tk20, you can begin by viewing this overview (Applications Overview) to get you introduced.

2. Once you are familiar with Applications, this list of steps is a required portion of foundational data needed to use the Application portion:

Begin by determining whether the application will be used by students who already have Tk20 accounts (standard applications) or students without Tk20 accounts (admissions applications).

If there is a new rubric built, begin by reviewing it in Administration Form Builder (Video - Form Builder Overview  | Video Form Builder Hands On | Quick Guide)

     1. TIP: Forms need to be both active AND public in order to be used.

3. You are now ready to build your templates.

     1. Begin by building your Application Templates (Video | Quick Guide)
     2. Or begin by building your Admission Templates (Video | Guide)

NOTE - The “Open Date Range” is what makes an application LIVE in the system.

4. Once students have completed applications, you are ready to review applications.
    1. You can review standard applications as needed (Video | Quick Guide)
    2. You can review admission applications as needed (Quick Guide)

5. You can also grant extensions to applications, as needed.

   1. Standard application process (Quick Guide)
   2. Admission application process (Quick Guide)

6. Now that your applications are complete and reviewed, you can review the reports that are available to use in the Applications section (Application Reports).

   1. Applications 002: Comp. Report on Admission Application Forms
   2. Applications 004: Comp. Report on Admission Application Review Forms
   3. Applications 005: Aggregate Report on Admission Applications
   4. Applications 013: Comp. Report on Application Forms
   5. Applications 083: Aggregate Report on Application Forms
   6. Applications 085: Comp. Report on Application Review Forms

If you’d like to see the different user experiences, you can see a few below:

   1. Student: Video guides 
       Student Submitting an Application
       - Creating an Account to Complete an Admissions Application

   2. Faculty - How to Review an Application

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