Blackboard LTI 1.3 Integration - Adding SL&L activities to a Blackboard course

Adding SL&L activities to a Blackboard course

1. Login to your Blackboard faculty account and navigate to the Content page for your course
2. Hover your mouse over Build Content and select the SL&L (formerly Via) tool
3. Enter a Name for the assignment
4. If you are using Grade Return for this assignment, select Yes for Enable Evaluation. Enter the maximum possible points for the assignment in the Points Possible field. ( Note: SL&L and Blackboard do NOT need to have the same points possible. A percentage calculation from the SL&L activity will be entered in the Blackboard Results Center.)


5. Click Submit. The assignment link will now be displayed on the Content page.
6. Click on the assignment link
7. A new tab will open. Choose the Specific Activity option


8. Choose a course section and activity from SL&L, and click SELECT & SAVE in the upper right corner of the page


9. A Success message will be displayed on the page. Click RETURN TO LMS. Clicking the link on the Content page in your Blackboard course will now take you directly to the SL&L activity.


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