FEM Mentor Role Guide


To access your Field Experience activities in LiveText, you will first need to retrieve the message sent to
your school/district email address. The message should read like this:

Thank you for agreeing to be a field experience mentor. You have been added to a list of available mentors and will be notified when a placement is made. During this placement, assessments and other activities will be managed through an online application called LiveText.

To log in, go to www.livetext.com and enter the following username and password:
User name: [YOUR USERNAME]

Thank you for the contributions you will make to your mentee’s professional development.


Visit the website www.livetext.com and log in with the username and password provided to you.

You will be asked to select a security question. This is in case you ever forget your username and/or
password and need helping logging in. Your LiveText username will never change, but you have the
OPTION to change the password by:

1. Clicking My Account in the upper right corner

2. Clicking Change Password. You will be asked to enter the old password first, then to enter and confirm the new password.

Viewing your placements

Under the Placements tab you will see all students assigned to you. Basic details about the placement will
appear below the student’s name. Click the “View Placement Details” button to see all activities associated
with this placement. You may also click Begin Assessment or Continue Assessment to go directly to
your assessment.


You will be directed to a page called View Placement. From this page, you can access all the key activities
for your Field Experience Placement.


1. Basic details about the placement will display to the left.
2. To view and enter demographic information about the site, click View Demographics.

     a. Site Demographics may already have been added by the college or university.

     b. Click in the boxes next to each category in “Classroom Demographics” and “Staff Demographics” and type in a number.

3. To write an email to the student, Supervisor, or both click the corresponding email icon or link.
4. To fill out your assessment rubric(s), click on the Begin Assessment or Continue Assessment link.

     a. Click the cells to highlight the level of performance achieved in each area.

     b. Add comments to any row of the rubric by clicking the Add Comment icon and typing in
the text box.

     c. Add comments for the entire assessment using the text box at the top of the rubric.


5. To upload attachments to the shared workspace, click Add Attachments. Attachments can be LiveText
documents or files.
6. You may view the student’s Time Log on the right side of the screen. Hours are entered by the student. To approve the student’s entries, check the box next to the entry and click Approve Hours


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