Forms - Inbox

Forms - Inbox

From within the Forms Inbox, users can access and complete forms (e.g. surveys) that have been sent to them by faculty or administrators. The Forms Inbox displays the form Title, Owner or author that sent the form, the Status of completion, the number of Submissions completed by the user, and Actions for taking the form.


Take a Form

  1. Click the Forms tab located in the top center of the screen.
  2. From within the Forms Inbox, click the Take form link or Take again link located to the right of the form to be completed.
  3. The form will open. Complete each question. Questions with a red asterisk* are required. Below are some tips for each type of question you may encounter:
    • Short Text: Enter responses up to 255 characters.
    • Long Text: Enter responses up to 65,000 characters.
    • Date: Enter the date according to the provided format (MM/DD/YYYY).
    • Radio Buttons: Click the button to the left of the appropriate choice. Only one choice may be selected.
    • Dropdown: Click the down arrow located on the right side of the dropdown box, and select the appropriate choice. Only one choice may be selected.
    • Checkboxes: Click the checkbox to the left of each appropriate choice. Multiple choices may be selected.
  4. After completing the form, there are two options below the final form question:
    1. Save Form: Click this button to routinely save form responses or to save and complete later. Responses will not be submitted to the owner.
    2. Submit Form: Click this button to save and submit form responses to the owner. All required questions must be completed before submitting the form.


If the form is taken multiple times, users may click the Click Here link to reload previous form responses.

To view form responses in a printable format before submitting, click the Save Form button located below the final form question, and then click the Create a Printable Version link located in the top right corner.


View a Form in Printable Version (Administrators)

After form submission

  1. Click the Forms tab.
  2. Click the Datasets tab.
  3. Click the dataset title
  4. In the Create a Printable Version column, scroll down to the desired submission and click on Print.
  5. Click the Print button in the upper right corner.
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