Go-Live Checklist for Portfolios


  • Assure that the students have paid Tk20 accounts:
    Note: To see if student accounts are paid, run Administration 024 for the program(s)
  • If using a user group, assure that the user group is accurate and updated

Assure that students and assessors are able to log in and have the correct privileges to access and assess the portfolios

Note: To check access for specific roles, go to Administration Security to see authentication and Administration Security Privileges

  • Update Artifact templates and assessment tools. Send newly revised documents to Tk20 for configuration (or configure them independently)
  • Plan/update the portfolio assessment process, including assessor visibility.
  • Optional: Update organizational alignment and/or associated standards
  • Monitor your sent portfolios in the following reports:
    • Portfolios 047: Comprehensive Report on Assessment Portfolios
    • Portfolios 051: Comprehensive Report on Portfolio Assessments
    • Portfolios 055: Report on Portfolio Recipients
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