Creating a Project

Project creation in Outcomes Assessment Projects guides you through defining the following: 

• Goals/Learning Outcomes in use in the Project

• The Terms and Courses included in the Project

• The method(s) for collecting student work 

• Evaluation settings. 

The ability to create a new Project is exclusive to users with the Assessment Coordinator role in Outcomes Assessment Projects. The process begins by selecting "Create Project" in the top-right of the homepage.

Once you have established a name for your Project, select one or more learning outcomes/goals from  step one, Learning Outcomes. At least one outcome is required to start your Project.

Next, select step two, Evaluation Tools. Review the evaluation tools for each of the learning outcomes  previously selected for the Project. 

After you’ve determined which learning outcomes you will be assessing in the Project, click step three - Work Collection. Then, select which Terms and Courses the student evidence will be collected from. Click Select Terms to manage the terms. Multiple Terms may be selected.
After you have selected your Terms, you will be navigated back to the Work Collection page where you  may select the Courses from which you will collect student work. Click Select Courses and then select the checkboxes next to the Courses that the student work will be collected from. Multiple courses can be  selected from the full organization hierarchy. 

Once Terms and Courses have been selected, you will be able to preview your selections.

In step four, select the Preference button. From here, you may select from the following options  as additional methods for collecting student work. 

Evidence not required: will allow students to be assessed without requiring the submission of an artifact file. 

Allow submission via LMS: will allow student work to be submitted by students through  the campus learning management system 

Student names, assignment names, and courses can also be anonymized when scoring. 

Whether or not Evaluators should be able to report submissions as unscorable can also be set. 


The Review step will provide an overview of the settings and let you know if any required  information is missing. If so, simply click back into the step and add the required information. Once everything is complete, the Project can be published. 


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