Outcomes Assessment Projects (formerly Aqua) 2021.08.10 Release Notes

What’s New, August 10, 2021

New Name: Watermark Outcomes Assessment Projects 

In this first round of updates to reflect Aqua by Watermark’s new name, Watermark Outcomes Assessment Projects, you’ll see changes to text-based and visual product references throughout the system. These updates are focused on introducing the new descriptive name for the product, reinforcing its home within the Watermark Suite, and providing a more consistent experience to those who use multiple Watermark products. You’ll continue to see remnants of the “Aqua” name as well - like in the logo - to create a bridge from old to new, and help users acclimate.

These changes do not affect the functionality, workflows, and URLs of the system.

Please see below for details on the specific changes that went live today, and check out these additional resources:

  • FAQ with more on the rationale behind this renaming initiative, how and why we selected each new name, and more.
  • Sample Email to Faculty and Staff  that you can consider using to craft an announcement about this new product name to your stakeholders.

Product Names in the Login Experience

aqua.taskstream.com Login Page

For those that go to aqua.taskstream.com to log in, you’ll see the new product name reflected on the sign-in page. Please note that the URL itself is not changing at this time; just the logo and the product name in the label of your browser window or tab.


Watermark Navigator

For those using Watermark Navigator as a single front door to multiple Watermark solutions, you’ll see the new product names reflected in both the login experience and the app switcher.

Watermark App Bar and New Product Logo

Designed to provide consistency and context for users across the Watermark Suite, the Watermark App Bar includes the new product logo to inform the user which area of the Watermark Suite they’re actively working in, and standardizes the path to logging in and out, navigating to other Watermark products, and accessing help resources and information about Watermark.


In the context of Watermark Outcomes Assessment Projects (formerly Aqua), the App Bar updates the product logo on the upper left, with the "formerly Aqua" language present to provide visual confirmation that it’s the same product. For assessment coordinators, the My Organization menu will be renamed as Admin Tools and will be located just below the app bar.  The links to help resources will still be present on the top right. You will also now see the name of your institution and, if applicable, the switcher on the top right that allows you to toggle between products and/or sign out of the account.

Users will continue to use the area below the App Bar to access their work, including their ability to set up projects, evaluations to be completed, and reports.

What’s Coming Later

Over the coming months you can expect to see us continue to transition to the Watermark Outcomes Assessment Projects name and refine its look and feel to increase consistency and accessibility across the Watermark Suite. Here are some examples of things we have our eye on in the near term:

  • Text references to the product and its modules, to replace Aqua with Outcomes Assessment Projects, as appropriate
  • The product name for Aqua on the login.taskstream.com product selection landing page
  • The Watermark branding elements in email notifications sent from the system
  • The Watermark branding elements in the PDF export
  • Support materials in the Help Center

We will keep you informed about each of these changes and its details, just as we do for all product updates.

What’s Not Changing

URLs will not be changing at this time. We are exploring ways to have new and old URLs work when we eventually pursue this change in the future, to minimize disruption to you and your users. We will also provide substantial lead time and resources to support you as you prepare for such a change.

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