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The new CV Imports feature for Faculty Success revolutionizes data entry efforts and we want to make it easy for you, the Faculty Success administrator, to communicate and promote use of this capability to your users.

We understand the number one pain point on campus, when it comes to a faculty activity reporting solution, is faculty buy-in and the uphill battle of getting users to enter their activities into an electronic system. To that end, we’ve designed a solution that will allow users to input data into Faculty Success 5 times faster than manual entry! 

The CV Imports feature will play an essential role in your campus’ data management plan. In addition to direct connections to source systems through the API (SIS, HR System, etc), and the Import Publications tool (BibTeX files, ORCID, PubMed, Scopus, Crossref), you now have a complete and robust variety of options to ensure your institution has the FULL dataset needed for important reporting and informed decision making.  

When you make CV Imports available to your faculty, we encourage you to share the benefits of it and some supporting resources with an email like the following.

Subject: CV Imports in Faculty Success - a new, fast way to enter data!

We’re excited to share a new innovation in Faculty Success that is focused on making things easier for you! You’ll be able to get data into the system quickly, accurately and using the source you most trust, your CV. We know you are busy, and the goal of CV Imports is to lighten your administrative burden by substantially reducing the time it takes you to share information about your activities and accomplishments.

The capability uses highlighting technology to identify areas of your CV that tie to specific screens and fields within Faculty Success, customized to our institution’s configuration. Once the highlighting is complete, you go through an easy series of steps to review, validate and confirm the upload! 

This quick video gives a sense of how easy this is to use. You can also find more details on how to use this capability here.

It’s important to have your accomplishments and activities in Faculty Success for a number of reasons. Here, at Institution Name, we use Faculty Success for annual review, promotion and tenure, HLC reporting, AACSB Accreditation, your public-facing web profiles. It’s key to your and our success to share your accomplishments and activities.

If you have questions, please email email address.  

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