Supported Configurations for Client-Programmed Web Profiles

While some institutions choose to purchase the Faculty Success web profiles module to reduce the programming burden on your campus technical team, others opt to build their web profile integrations from scratch via the Faculty Success API.

For institutions that build the integration from scratch, you must make a determination around the level of autonomy given to faculty in selecting certain records that should or shouldn't display on their public-facing web profiles. Faculty Success supports two configurations options in support of that.

Option #1: "Allow Sharing" at the record level

This option involves adding the "Allow Sharing" toggle to certain screens to allow faculty to opt-in or opt-out individual records for public display on their web profile.

In the example illustrated below, there is an "Allow Sharing" toggle on the Presentations summary screen, allowing a user to choose on a record-by-record basis which Presentations should or should not appear on their web profile. This toggle can be added to any screen to allow users to specify the exact activities they would like to appear.


To enable this function, submit a General work request with the following information:

  • Opt-in/opt-out method. This determines whether the "Allow Sharing" toggle will be set to "Yes" or "No" by default. Note that this can only be set globally, not screen-by-screen.
  • Screens to include. Let us know which screens the toggle should appear on.

Then, when your campus technical team is building their queries, they would use this attribute to filter out records with a value of "No", and only include records with a value of "Yes".


  • Can be easily added/removed from screens as needs change
  • Can be configured as either an "opt-in" or "opt-out"


  • Initial setup more time-intensive for faculty, could require editing many existing records
  • Does not provide a way for faculty to choose the order in which records should be listed

Option #2: Centralized "Web Profile" Screen

This option would involve building an entirely new "Web Profile" screen, which is essentially a central point where faculty can aggregate records from various screens to be included on their respective web profiles.

Then, your campus technical team would query this screen to determine which records to be included on a web profile.

Sample Web Profile screen


  • Easier for faculty to initially adopt, since all changes are on one record
  • Can impose a limit of records per screen to be included on the profile
  • Allows faculty to arrange records in a particular order (e.g., by relevance, importance, significance)


  • Difficult to maintain when adding new records (since it's a separate record editing operation for faculty)
  • Always an "opt-in" system, no way to default new records for inclusion
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