Assessment Projects Evaluator Guide

This user guide is designed to help you navigate through the features and functionalities of Assessment Projects. The guide includes step-by-step instructions, descriptions for various features, and the options available to you as an evaluator. 

If the instructions in this article do not match what you see in your product, you might be using Watermark's Outcomes Assessment Projects. Please check the articles in this section for the correct guidance.



Accessing your Assessment Projects

  1. Navigate to your In Progress Tab, then select Assessment Projects
    1. This landing page will list any OPEN or PAUSED projects that you are assigned to as an evaluator. Closed projects are not accessible to evaluators
    2. Each project is presented with its title, creation date, administrator, and the hierarchy organization (e.g. department or program) that owns the project. The total number of evaluations (rubrics) that are assigned to you, completion progress, and how many In Progress evaluations you may have
    3. If you have questions about a particular project, please contact the project administrator
  2. Select the project’s title to access your Artifact Queue

Artifact Queue

  1. Each evaluator is has an assigned Artifact Queue, which lists each evaluation that the evaluator will need to complete
  2. Evaluation - For Assessment Projects, an evaluation is each rubric that is submitted by an evaluator. 
    1. If the administrator set up the project so that one artifact is used as evidence for multiple learning outcomes, that are assessed with multiple rubrics, you may have artifacts listed multiple times in your Artifact Queue, each with a separate rubric to be scored and submitted
  3. Artifact Queue - List of evaluations assigned to the evaluator
    1. Each artifact is displayed as a 4-digit Artifact ID or as the student’s first and last name
    2. There are two statuses that will be present in the Artifact Queue: Not Started and In Progress
      1. Not Started - no scores have been saved for the artifact
      2. In Progress - the evaluator has saved any work on the evaluation but has not yet submitted (submitted evaluations are removed from the Artifact Queue and made available to the project administrator)

Evaluator Assessment Tool

The Evaluator Assessment Tool is used to review student artifacts and submit scored rubrics

  1. To access the Evaluator Assessment Tool, select an artifact
  2. There are several actions that an evaluator can take when assessing a student artifact
    1. View Files 
      1. If the artifact contains multiple files, use the dropdown to view each individually
    2. Download Files
      1. Selecting the download icon will download the file to your device. For each file you would like to download to your device, you will need to select the download icon. 
    3. View Detailed Rubric
      1. To refer to the entire rubric, select View Detailed Rubric; Element descriptions for each performance are displayed on the Detailed Rubric
      1. You have the option to leave a comment that is made available to the project administrator. Comments are associated with the entire evaluation, not by element
    5. Mark Unscorable
      1. If the project administrator has enabled this feature, you may mark the evaluation as unscorable. Marking an artifact as unscorable will remove any scores or comments you may have saved. This action cannot be undone. 
      2. Marking an artifact unscorable, only removes the evaluation from your artifact queue; this action does not impact other evaluator’s queues. If there are other rubrics aligned to the artifact that require scoring, you may have the artifact still listed in your Artifact Queue, with a different rubric.
    6. Score an Element
      1. An Element is an individual criterion provided on the rubric
      2. Select the score for the Element, and select the Next arrow
      3. You must select a score for each Element to submit

Saving or Submitting an Evaluation

  1. Selecting “Submit” makes the evaluation (scored rubric) available to the administrator. Once submitted, scores and comments cannot be edited
  2. You have the option to save your progress on any evaluation. Selecting “Save and Close” marks the evaluation as “In Progress” and is still available in your Artifact Queue
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