SIS Import Job Statuses

The SIS import job and the steps inside it have a status while and after they run. The following list shows the possible statuses and their meanings:

    • The job/step was successfully launched and is currently executing
    • An error occurred while executing the job/step. Clicking into the failed step will show the error message that caused the failure.
    • The job was explicitly stopped. This may happen as a result of the job being manually stopped via the "Stop" button, or it may happen when the job is interrupted by an external process.
      • If you see an occasional job in "STOPPING" status, it generally means that the application scaled up/down and interrupted the job. These are not cause for concern as there is not an actual problem with the job.
      • If you see jobs consistently in "STOPPING"/"STOPPED" status it may mean that there are external errors (compute resource constraints, conflicting jobs etc) that are causing this to happen. If you are concerned that this is the case, please open a support ticket with SS&E.
    • The job was successfully and gracefully stopped
      • The job ran and completed successfully.
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