Continuing Education Population

Student Success & Engagement allows Continuing Education students and staff to track their studies, no matter how many classes or terms are being attended.

In order to bring this student population into SS&E, the Continuing Education population import can be added to the existing SIS Import process.

  • More information about the Continuing Education population add-on can be found here.

In general, the following data feeds are usually required to be updated, but other feeds could also be affected:

  • Academic Level - this is usually set to "CE"
  • Program - this is usually set to "CONED"
  • Person Degree Program - this ties the person ID to the CONED program/program year.

In addition, by default, the continuing education population is usually excluded from the SIS Import process. Therefore, when included, the data extract queries will also need to be modified in order to ensure that all Continuing Education data is imported so that nothing is excluded or blocked.


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