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SS&E Enterprise supports various data feeds. Each data feed, while focused on specific types of information, supports various actions (Insert, Update, or Delete). While all data feeds support Insert and Update, only a subset support deletion. Below find a description of the action type, as well as which data feeds support these actions.

Action Type

Insert : This process identifies new records in the SIS and imports them into SS&E as new records.

Update: This process identifies previously imported records whose data has changed in the SIS and updates them in SS&E. This requires that the record still be in the data feed with its new values.

Delete: This process:

  1. Retrieves all of the known SIS Ids for the data stream imported from the SIS on the All Ids data stream
  2. Compares them to the source system ids stored in SS&E
  3. Then, removes records from the SS&E UI that no longer exist in the SIS. 
  • Usage of this feature requires that the All Ids method be implemented for the data stream.
  • Click here to learn more about SIS Data Deletion Integration via All Ids.
  • By design, SIS Data Deletion Integration via All Ids does NOT remove data from a past term.
  • On most Data Feeds that do not integrate data deletion with the SIS (Delete = No) there is no way to remove the imported data from the UI after it has imported into SS&E.
      • There are a few Data Feeds that do not integrate data deletion with the SIS however there is another method in place that can delete imported data from SS&E.
      • Only data feeds that show Delete = No* (have an asterisk) can use a different data deletion method to remove data from the UI, as explained below.
  • Data deleted by All Ids displays as "Purged By Institution".
Feed Insert Update Delete

Academic Calendar

Yes Yes No
Academic Level Yes Yes No
Address Type Yes Yes No
Building Yes Yes No
Course Yes Yes No
Course Equivalency Yes Yes No
Course Offering Yes Yes No
Course Section Yes Yes Yes
Course Section Schedule Element Yes Yes Yes
Degree Yes Yes No
Degree Program Yes Yes No
Department Yes Yes No
High School Yes Yes No
Hold Yes Yes No
Location Yes Yes Yes
Major Yes Yes No
Note Yes Yes No
Note Type Yes Yes No*
Person Yes Yes No
Person Academic Plan Yes Yes Yes
Person Academic Plan Course Yes Yes Yes
Person Address Yes Yes No*
Person Application Yes Yes No
Person Application Location Yes Yes Yes
Person Degree Program Yes Yes No
Person FAFSA Yes Yes No
Person Financial Aid Yes Yes No
Person Financial Aid Award Yes Yes No
Person High School Yes Yes Yes*
Person Hold Yes Yes Yes*
Person Location Yes Yes No
Person Phone Yes Yes Yes
Person Student Type Yes Yes No*
Person Tag Yes Yes No*
Phone Type Yes Yes No
Prerequisite Course Yes Yes No
Prerequisite Group Yes Yes No
Prerequisite Permission Yes Yes No
Prerequisite Test Yes Yes No
Program Yes Yes No
Student Type Yes Yes No
Subscription Yes Yes No
Tag Yes Yes No
Test Yes Yes No
Test Score Yes Yes Yes
Test Type Yes Yes No
Transcript Yes Yes No
Transcript Course Yes Yes Yes
Transcript Course Attendance Yes Yes No
Transcript Course Status History Yes Yes No
Transcript Degree Yes Yes Yes


SIS Import Data Deletion via A Different Method

The following data feeds do NOT support data deletion integration via All Ids, however, based on the SIS Import data definitions, may remove data from the UI (Student Profile) by a different method:

*Note Type "Active = No" removes inactive note type names from displaying in the Note Type dropdown selections when adding a new note or editing an existing note in SS&E. For more information about Note Types Administration, click here.

*Person Address "active=false" removes the person address from displaying in SS&E.

*Person High School "end date" determines when the High School is no longer "attended" by the student. The end date will display on the Student Profile - High Schools section. Person High School records imported from the SIS can be removed via Person High School All Ids. Person High School records manually assigned via an Individual Prospect or a Prospect CSV Import cannot be removed via All Ids data deletion integration. An automated tag applied when "the student has a specific student type and is attending selected high schools" will be removed from the UI after the person high school record end date "ends", eg. is in the past.

  • Note: If the Person High School record is deleted (either manually or via All Ids) that will not remove the above tag assigned when "the student has a specific student type and is attending selected high schools". If an automated tag needs to be removed, the person high school record must import with an end date in the past so that the tag can be removed by the system/daily job.
  • In addition, the High School start date and end date can both be used to target certain students using Student Filters, along with many other Student High School Filter selection criteria seen here.

*Person Hold In addition to supporting data deletion integration via All Ids, the imported "endDate" determines the end date of a hold on a student record. When null/there is no end date then this means that the hold is "active". A person hold is removed from the UI when the person hold record "ends".

*Person Student Type "end date" removes the Student Type from displaying on the UI. This also removes any automated tag applied to the student with a condition where the student has a specific student type.  These tag(s) will be removed from the UI when the person student type record "ends".

*Person Tag "active=false" sets the expiration date that removes the tag from the UI.

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