Bulk API methods


The following bulk API methods can be used to export data and retrieve records from SS&E via API.

To retrieve person alerts or notes from SS&E:

  1. Assign the user the API permission(s) from SS&E Roles Administration.
  2. Once the user permission is assigned, the user will be able to connect to the API listed in the Methods section.


These methods do not respect record specific access restrictions. To access these methods, the user must have the appropriate permissions assigned through SS&E Admin > People & Roles > Roles.

2024-03-01 09_10_16-Roles.png


  • ​/personAlerts​/search​/bulk
    • Retrieves all person alert records from Student Success & Engagement (SS&E)
    • Required permission:
    • From/To dates are required
  • /notes/search/avisoNotes
    • Retrieves all notes created in SS&E (does not include notes created via an external integration eg. the SIS integration)
    • Required permission: Can Access Bulk Note API Endpoint
    • From/To dates are required


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