Campaign Messages did not Send

Looking at a Campaign, the status shows "Started" yet there are no sent messages.

  • By design, a campaign must be started to send messages.
  • For more information about creating a campaign schedule, click here.

From the Emails tab, gather the following information:

  • What is the campaign status
  • Who created the campaign
  • What student filter displays in the "To" field
  • Which email was used (institutional/personal)
  • When did the campaign start
  • What is in the campaign message body - Click here to view valid campaign message variables

To troubleshoot:

  1. Check the Message Report in Messaging Administration. Filtering on the campaign start date, scroll to the start time to check for message records that match the campaign message body. Check the message delivery status.
  2. Check the student filter used on the campaign. Do the students have a valid email?
  3. If the campaign sent to personal email addresses, do the students have a personal email listed in SS&E?
  4. Is the message delivery status "Ready" with an "Invalid message body" error on the Message Report? If yes, click on a Campaign Message ID from the Message Report ID column, and look for an invalid character or unresolved variable in the campaign message.
      • If anything displays with a $ that would mean that it is not a valid message variable and cannot be used.
      • To fix this, the invalid message character or variable must be removed from the Campaign content. If the content can no longer be edited, the campaign can be copied and edited, then restarted.
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